Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Reluctanat Spice

Melanie Chisholm Aka Reluctant Spice has threatened the rest of the Spice Girls group with qitting the band if the band behave outrageously on the forth coming tour.

'Sporty Spice' -'if it goes into a Diva Drama, I'm out of the circus'. The Spice Girls and all set to kick off their forthcoming world tour on December 2 at Vancouver in Canada. Sounds like a ticking time bomb.

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Spice Girls worl Tour

Spice Girls World Tour is now approaching fast. Never thought they would have got back together, but am really looking forward to it and listening to the Spice Girls new single Headlines. The only member of the Spice Girls that i am not fusy on is Victoria Becham I think she needs to get a reality check and come back dowm to earth, off the cloud she's on. Since she was in the Spice Girls she has become obsessed with her weight I think she is not a good rle model for young children. Neverthe less I am still loking forward t the Spice Girls new single and tour. I will post another post in a few days